B&C Portable Saw Mill Services
Bill Sandusky
Email address: roadrashman@yahoo.com
Phone number: 816-0054
Mailing Address: Lenoir city, TN 37771

I will come to your place and cut your logs into lumber or
you can bring your logs to me to be cut into lumber. I use a Woodmizer Portable bandsaw mill.



Haney Family Sawmill

Contact: Christine Haney
11130 Nashville Hwy
email: just_sawing@yahoo.com
Web Site: haneyfamilysawmill.com

We offer full Sawmill support. We are able to work with you on your design and Materials list. 

 We will saw your Logs or sell you ours. 

 We are one of the only places in Middle Tennessee that has Eastern Red Cedar Split Rails. 

 We offer Lap Siding Red Cedar Shingles.

We are scheduled to have a Dry Kiln service May 2016



Grant Woodworking

contact person
Susan Grant

phone number

29 Paradise Hills Lane, Lebanon, Tn  37090




 Got Trees? Need Lumber? Grant Portable Sawmill Service can help. I can cut oak, pine, walnut, cedar, maple, hickory, beech and more. Don’t waste your trees or burn them for firewood. Turn your logs into valuable lumber. Get portable on site milling. Compare prices at the lumber yard and see for yourself the savings.  Get cost effective lumber from your trees.  I operate from the Lebanon, TN, and greater Nashville, TN area.  We come to you and cut up your readily accessible logs, in lengths 4’, 8’, 10’, or 12’.  Logs up to 34” across and 13’ in length can be handled with my portable sawmill. Reasonable Rates, Lumber cut to your specs, while you watch, or wait. For complete information please call 615-642-9782.



Highland Custom Sawyers

Matthew McClearen

Phone: 931-445-7919

email: highlandcustomsawyers@gmail.com

Web site: http://highlandcustomsawyers.com/

Based out of Muddy Pond,TN., we work within the greater middle and eastern TN area. Our services include: custom on-site sawmilling, custom selective logging, and other arbor related services such as stump grinding, brush clearing, and chipping. We strive for Excellent service, a Reputable customer experience, and a Quality end product. We are fully licensed and insured.



Mid-South Sawmilling

Daniel Turbeville

Phone Number: 901-240-7931

1380 North Willett, Memphis, TN 38108

Web Site: www.midsouthsawmilling.com

Mid South Sawmilling is a full service sawmill company.  We have a Timber King 2200 portable sawmill.  Our Timber King is powered by a 49 HP Kubota diesel engine and allows us to cut up to a 39" diameter log.  We also have a Timber King Talon 900 edger to help us get every board foot out of our logs.  Our primary species are red and white oak.  However, we offer poplar, eastern cedar, black walnut, maple and many other species to satisfy your needs.  We are conveniently located 2 miles south of interstate 240 at the Watkins exit in north Memphis.  We offer our mill slabs for free, on a first come basis.



American Airborne
Robert Culbreath
Phone Number: (615) 745-5000


Custom sawing at your location or ours, you can turn those down trees into lumber.  We have a mill capable of cutting up to 5,000 bdft per day with the accuracy of computer set works and the smoothness that only a band saw can produce.

We are looking forward to meeting you call or email, Thanks


Hudson Diederich

Phone: (615) 878-5519
5402 Old Hickory Blvd

email: hudson.hkd@gmail.com

Custom and on site mill services.

Bandsaw and chainsaw mill available for hire.

Please contact for rates and appointment.

28" and 52" capacity

Middle Tennessee service area


 B&C Portable Sawmilling

Contact: Bill
Phone: (865) 816-0054
350 Hendrix Way

B&C Portable Saw milling is a portable custom sawmilling business owned and operated by a Disabled American Vet. I bring my sawmill to your place and cut your logs into lumber. The cost is far less than going to your local lumber yard, Lowes, or Home depot to buy the lumber AND you can have me cut it in any thickness or width you'd like at no extra charge. If you have trees that have fallen down or cut down why not have them cut into use able lumber. There is a minimum charge and no job is too big or too small.


Tad Derrickson

Phone: 615-200-0299

3702 Jess Neal Road

email: Taderrickson@gmail.com

Web site: www.TNtree.org

TNtree provides portable sawmill and slabbing service to middle Tennessee and beyond. We use a portable Lucas Mill that can handle up to a 68" diameter log for dimensional milling and/or slabbing. We can handle up to a 84" diameter log for slabbing. Feel free to reach out for a free no obligation consultation. Our website is TNtree.org or call us at; 615-200-0299.


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