Fa Dubois Ltd
Steve Racz
Email address: swracz@alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Phone number:  +64-3-383-8167
16 Flaxgrove Pl, Christchurch, New Zealand
Web site:  www.steveracz.com

We sustainably manage and harvest NZ beech varieties, primarily red beech but also
silver beech, using very low impact harvesting and sawmilling methods. Using a
Peterson All-Terrain Saw, we take the mill to the tree and air dry in the forest in our first
stage, then finish dry in a solar kiln. These varieties are suited for woodworking, wood
turning, wood flooring and finish carpentry. The red beech is extremely durable and is
also suited for outdoor projects and decking.

We also cut plantation grown Radiata pine ( Monterey pine) which is also air and solar
kiln dried. We harvest high quality, clear timber and use no preservatives, so this timber
is especially suited for woodworkers and finish carpentry and anyone wishing a low voc,
local product.

The forest and mill are in Murchison, on the top of the South Island and we prefer to sell
only locally.

We cut small volumes only and inquiries can be made for delivery of product for 2010
and beyond.




John Furniss
Phone: 649 422 5595
181 Wech access,RD1 Warkworth

Email: woodyone.john@gmail.com
Web Site: woodyone.co.nz

I am a portable sawmiller and can retreive you logs if required and can saw them with either a electric/hydraulically equipped lt 40 super bandsaw if they are .9m diameter or smallerup to 6metres long. Or for largrer logs I have a 225mm swing blade Peterson mill. I also have a selection of speceis and sizes of timber for sale. For best results for both of us call me before you cut down your trees. cheers john

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