ATD Alaska
Email address:
(907) 841-7889
Box 1147 Talkeetna, AK 99676-1147

Have a Woodmizer LT 15. Build Cabins in the woods, because I can fly in or 4x4 in my mill, as it comes apart in 6 foot sections. I like jobs from start to finish, in other words, Build a cabin from the ground up, with wood on property. Also have Ice blades for Mill & Chain Saw, because sometime it is better to wait for the rivers to freeze up then I use then as my Highway. I have been an Elect & Plumber for years, not the I can do it kind of person with a can of glue & duct tape, I worked for WD in Louisiana, We built stores from the ground up did it for 5 years so I KNOW what in doing. Ac Hvac, welding, Elec, Plub, Plazma,foundations, Dozer, Bob cat, Cherry picker, Blue prints, lazer equipt, Gps of property lines,Underwater welder, rescue diver, Texas Dept of health Cert for EMT-I 911, Off grid wiring, Solar & heat,Inverter work, 12v or 24 volt, So as you see If you put me in the Forest with a pocket Knife I WILL & CAN build you a shopping Mall. I pick one or 2 jobs a season So call to make an apt; to see if I can  help you with your dream home. This Year I would like to stay in US or Panama, Equipt I have }}863H Bob Cat with Cobalt Steel tracks can go anywhere, that way im NOT spending your money being stuck for 6 hours a day Cement mixer, dozer blade, boom for setting loggs, any atachement  they rent I can use with this Bob Cat, Woodmizer Mill, Poly Foam sprayer, 2 Air compressors one 125 CHM other 185 CHF, 2 Airless Paint systems, Cement pumper, & shooter for cement 2 Auto level lazer systems one for Roads & Buildings & one for Celings & such. Several chain saws, with a portable Alaska mill Att 2 25 X 35 Domes And I can also sand blast & Paint anything, Ships Tanks Buildings Etc. Also Have a Silver Eagle 40' RV complete with 15,000 Kw generator for power on site, If I need to live on site I will always STAY on SITE if my EQUPT IS THERE, 200 gallons of fresh water. Please don't call for small jobs as with gas & set up fuel to get there in Alaska would be High

Call 907-841-7889 Ask for L J

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